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5 Ways To Funnel Hack Winning Lead Magnets In Your Industry To Build Irresistible Opt In Offers

Is the content on your blog not producing the leads you expect of it?
Have your lead magnet efforts dried up and aren’t generating opt-ins?
If you’re looking for a bit of a refresh in your opt-in strategy, then these 5 steps should help get you on the right path.

Back in the day (just to make myself feel old) most websites and blogs would have an opt-in box either at the side of the blog or the bottom of the website.
This was enough back then, people landing on your blog or website would willingly subscribe to your newsletter.
While this was best practice back in the day, as ever, strategies started to evolve, and it has now become extremely popular for businesses to create lead magnets to entice opt-ins.
These lead magnets most commonly come in the form of downloadable guides and whitepapers.
Because it has become common practice for businesses to use downloadable guides and whitepapers to generate opt-ins, people have started to grow immune from it.
It is now time to evolve again and look at different ways to opt-ins.
To do this, you can follow 5 simple steps to funnel hack winning lead magnets in your industry.
Here are those 5 steps to create winning lead magnets to build irresistible opt-in offers:

1. Look At The Kindle Marketplace

To create winning lead magnet ideas, you need to understand exactly what it is people really want and not what you think they want or what you want them to know.
Fully understanding what it is your users want will help you improve you’re the opt-in rate.
But how do you find out what your target audience want?
One of the best places to look and one of the most unused places to look is in the Kindle marketplace.
It may sound a little strange right now, but you will soon come to realize why this is such a good place to look.
Go to the Kindle marketplace and browse the category listing for your niche.
Once you have found this, sort the eBooks by top sellers.
You now have a whole list of content ideas that are not only good but are what your target audience is clearly interested in because they have bought it.
You can use these ideas to repurpose your eBook for a funnel hack winning lead magnet.
This is a great tool to use to look for content ideas that very few marketers and businesses are using.
As you can see from the screenshot below, there are plenty of categories and sub-categories, so you are sure to find books that are relevant to your niche.

Image1 (1)

2. Find Out What Your Competitors Sell

Another place you can discover ways to increase your opt-in rate is to look at what your competitors are selling.
While I always say it is important to stay ahead of the competition, it is even more important not to fall behind which is why analysing what they are doing is important.
You specifically want to look at competitors who have the majority share of your target audience.
Browse their website and reviews what products they are selling.
Are there any products that are under $20?
Does that product have some positive reviews?
Is that product mentioned on social channels?
Have a look for a product of theirs that fits all or most of these things and use it or your website but to offer it is a free lead magnet rather a product customers can buy.
For example, a website that sells bicycle has a video guide that they sell for $5 that shows their customers how to do stunts.
You see that it is well received from the comments and social mentions which are a clear sign that this is something your target audience wants.
You can repurpose this to create your video with the difference being you offer it free as a lead magnet.
It doesn’t just have to stop there; you can use different product ideas from competitor websites for your lead magnets and split test which work best.

3. Browse Udemy For Course Ideas

Why do people come to read the content on your blog?
Why do they submit their contact details to download your eBook?
Because they want information and learn about what you know.
Think of your lead magnets as offering your target audience mini-courses on something you are an expert in.
What you might not know is that online are becoming more and more popular than ever before thanks to the likes of Udemy, which is a website where universities and individuals can publish their courses.
If there is ever a place to find what it is your target audience wants to learn about, it is on the Udemy website.
All you need to do is go to the Udemy website, enter a relevant search term and browse through the relevant online courses.
For example, I used the search term “landing page” and found that people are paying up to £259 for content to help them improve their landing pages and ads which you can see from the list below.


If people are paying for these courses, surely they would want them for free?
This is a great way to create some winning lead magnet ideas.

4. Simply Ask The Contacts In Your Email List

If you want to know what you target audience wants to learn about and what goals and challenges they face then there is no better place to go than to your customer base.
Why not make the most of your existing customers by sending them survey style emails to find out what makes them tick, what they want more of and what they want less of.
Using the power of your existing customer base will help you attract new customers.
As well as survey style posts, you can also send them finished content that you have not published yet and ask their opinion.
Is there anything they would change? Is there information that they feel could have more explaining? Is it valuable to them?
These are questions you can ask them when sending them your unpublished content, but I wouldn’t bombard them with too many questions.
Make it easy for them to respond.
Not only will this help you refine your led magnet ideas but it will also help to build your relationships with your customers and keep them loyal.
It is a win-win situation for you, your target audience and your customers.

5. Use BuzzSumo To Find What Is Trending

Many marketers will always tell you to look at your Google Analytics to find which content on your blog is most popular to understand what works.
While there is nothing wrong with this advice, it is hard to do when you haven’t got much content on your blog or not enough data.
If this is you, then there is another tool you can use to help determine what content is working… BuzzSumo.
This very clever and useful online tool will tell you what topics are trending as well what key influencers are sharing that content.
If you discover a trending topic that is relevant to your niche, then it makes sense also to talk about that topic to join the trend.
All you need to do is go to the BuzzSumo website and enter a search term that is relevant to your niche.
This will then bring up a list of all relevant topics that are trending.
In the left-hand side of the BuzzSumo search results page, you will see that you can filter the results by the age of content.
If you want to find topics that are trending right now, then you can filter to only show posts that are published in the last 24 hours.
If you want to find a topic that has just generally worked no matter the timeframe then leave the results as it is or extend the dates.
As well filtering by the age of posts, you can also filter by the language, country and post type.
As you can see in the screenshot below, each post will provide you with how many times it was shared on each of the popular social networks as well as the total amounts of shares.
This is a clear indication of how well your target audience engages with content.



These 5 tips should give you plenty to get started on evolving your lead magnet strategy to give your opt-in rate a much-needed boost.
The more effort you put into your lead magnet strategy, the more you will reap the rewards.
If you put content up for the sake of it, then it isn’t going to get you the opt-in results you want.

What different lead magnet strategies and ideas have you tried?

Let me know by leaving your comments below.


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