Saturday, 25 November 2017

9 Reasons Why Your List is the Most Important Asset in Your Online Business

Today I want to share with you a list of 9 reasons why your LIST is the most important asset in your online business and for your online success.
These reasons/rules/tips apply to anyone who’s working online (and even some cases offline).

So take this list and realize why an EMAIL LIST is such an important asset to your online success and why I’m such a strong advocate of why you need one.

1.  List building is a CORE fundamental element of any online business.

As a digital marketer – I would not have an online business without my list or the knowledge of building a list.  You should learn list building inside and out, understand it, embrace it, and utilize those skills.

2. Your list is an ASSET.

Treat the members of your list with respect – as your LIST is your business and chances are all your lifetime client/customers on that list.  Treat your customers as you’d treat your mother.

3. Treat your list with love.

Treat them like you would treat a lady or man on a first date.  Offer them unexpected gifts and they will do the same for you.

4. When you speak to your list use YOUR voice.

If you copy and paste or send your list “blind” emails, expect copy and paste, or blind results.  Speak to your list as you would speak to your customer face to face.

5. Your email is your “reach”.

When you send an email to your list that’s you publicly making a statement.  Make sure your message is clear and you can stand proudly behind it.

6. People check email out of daily habit.

They don’t visit websites daily, but they do check their email every day.  Email marketing allows you to stay in contact with your customers daily.

7. Out of all the emails they get, they opened YOURS.

This is a sign of TRUST.  People get a lot of emails and if they are opening yours, you should embrace that.

8. ‘You get 80% of your list from 20% of your customers’.

This saying definitely pertains to your email list.  20% of your list will always trust you and not only buy anything you tell them to but they will even market FOR you – spreading your word to their friends and family.

9. Your competition has a list.

The digital marketing world is HUGE but let’s face it: it’s still an open marketplace.  Just as you’re on MANY lists your subscriber is too.  You HAVE to stand out.
I made this list was while working on Build My List and with all of the updates to the training, I realized that all the successful internet marketers in the world all have a “big email list.”
Coincidence?  I think not, but share your thoughts below and let me know what you think!

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