Sunday, 13 May 2018

How to Get More Twitter Followers (Without Creating Content)

Numbers matter. Influencers, current and future customers consider the size of your Twitter following when deciding whether to follow your or not. You probably won’t even consider your own brand a social media success unless you have grown a sizeable following on Twitter. Even though your number of Twitter followers isn’t indicative of the quality of your posts, the number matters. Here are 5 ways you can get more Twitter followers now.

1. Ensure that your brand is follow-worthy

Customers today want to connect with brands. It’s not enough to have a ton of content. Unless you are authentic and exceptional, customers won’t engage with you on Twitter. Millennials, for instance, are very brand-conscious, but they’re very difficult to engage. However, with the right content, partnerships and social outlook, you can catch their attention.
Start building a brand that speaks to your target groups on their level. In their language. And about things that matter to your audience.

2. Curate content from RSS feeds, the web and your resources

Instead of always creating your own content, you can curate content from strategic sources. What are strategic sources? Well, non-competing brands within your industry, customers and partners qualify as strategic sources. You can use this form of interaction to show these people that you are interested and that you care. At the same time, you can also get access to free, high-quality content that you can share with your audience.
You could even automate curation using a content curation app such as DrumUp, which has RSS feed reading and keyword based content curation activities.

3. Craft well-organized automation queues

Once you have curated content, you can save posts in smart social media automation queues to avoid publishing manually. Social media automation queues are great for engagement because they allow you more control over quality of posts and publishing. You can save posts according to themes, dates and partners and set the publishing schedule to match your audience’s content consumption.
DrumUp’s social media management dashboard has “content libraries” using which you can create smart automatic queues.

4. Follow influencers, partners and potential customers

The point of following people on Twitter is to get genuine and active people to engage with your brand. So, it’s not a good idea to follow people at random. Instead, you can create distinct and definite groups of people worth following. Influencers, other brands, customers – current and potential, and event managers can, for instance, be groups of people whom you can follow.
Most social media sites already give you suggestions of people to follow based on your network and interests.
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5. Interact with prospects via Twitter lists

When you follow a bunch of people you are left with a cluttered Twitter feed and no way to manage their content. Twitter lists offer you means to organize the people you follow in groups, so you can consciously engage with them on a daily basis. Lists can be made public or kept private based on what you want to do with them. Private lists can’t be seen by other people, including those who are a part of those lists.
Instead of creating your own lists, you can also subscribe to other people’s lists. It’s a good idea to subscribe to lists created by influencers in your niche.

Answer questions.

The best way to attract Twitter followers is to become an active part of communities to which they belong. These communities don’t have to be on Twitter. They can be on LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social platform. Participate in conversations on these platforms and answer questions that are important to other participants. This is a great way to both build your credibility and Twitter following.
There are tons of ways to build a Twitter following organically. The key is to focus on scaling your results without having to scale your efforts. This post provides examples of great ways to begin.

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