Sunday, 23 April 2017

How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Push Notifications

Online marketing is always changing. And let’s be honest, that statement is nothing new. What used to work five to seven years ago for making money online just doesn’t work anymore.
But do you know why online marketing has changed? Sure, technology has something to do with it, but it’s not the defining factor.
It has changed because people have changed. At the end of the day, all marketing is just communication with people that prompts them to action — whatever the action is.
The way people communicate has shifted dramatically and to stay current, marketing had to pivot in order to keep up. Right now, the most effective communication method with the highest ROI is email marketing.
But here’s the ever mounting issue there…
People are flooded with emails everyday. This means that soon, email marketing will lose a measure of its efficiency.
Not all, but some.

Combating The Reality of Lost Interest

None of us like that gnawing feeling in our chest when we start to feel like our messaging just isn’t connecting with our audience. We know the importance of keeping ourselves in front of people in order to build a relationship that leads to profit.
People see as many as 5,000 marketing messages a day. That’s a lot to take in. And you know what people do when faced with that much information?
We start to ignore it. Tune it out. We become even more selective in what we pay attention to and what use to catch our eye just doesn’t appeal the way it use to.
So the question is, how do we stay ahead of curve so that we can keep our messaging interesting to people?
Well, marketers and developers asked this same question and they came up with a new marketing tool:
Desktop Push Notifications.

How Desktop Push Notifications Work, and Why Traditional Ones Suck

More than 40% of web viewing still takes place on a traditional desktop. This means that even though we live a mobile-centric world, we can’t ignore the needs of desktop users. The idea behind push notifications is very simple and rather brilliant in many ways because it takes advantage of getting the attention of users on desktops.
Here’s how these type of push notifications work:
A person comes to your site and this triggers a small alert box asking them if they would like to receive notifications from you. After a simple click of the button saying yes, this person now is now subscribed to receiving push notifications from your delivered right to their desktop or laptop.
This means you have one more avenue to reach your customers that already know and like you or your brand. It’s sort of a big deal, really.
But there’s a catch.
Not too long after this feature became available, I started to notice that the current state of push notifications had people losing interest. They were bland. There wasn’t a lot of control offered to me when creating and sending them out.
And the ROI of the use of them didn’t seem to be there. Basically… they sucked.
As a marketer and software developer, I looked at this new technology and knew there was a way to make it better.
So I created a new push notification tool that takes the idea desktop push notifications to the next level for marketing in today’s world.

How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Desktop Push Notifications with PushConnectNotify

PushConnectNotify is a fresh take on the existing technology of push notifications. With this tool, I wanted to build on top of what was already working, get rid of what wasn’t, and add more features that made them more effective.
PCN Easy as 123

Here are the main features of this new tool:
  • Brand Customization. No more boring, same ol’ same ol’. Now you have the freedom to customize your notification to fit your brand.
  • Fast Setup. Five minutes is all it takes to setup PushConnectNotify. A simple line of code added to your website and you’re ready to start collecting subscribers to your account.
  • Email Integration. It connects seamlessly with nine of the Top email marketing service providers like SendLane, AWeber, ConvertKit and many others.
  • Grow Your Email List. This is by far, my favorite feature that we’ve added. Unlike traditional push notifications, this tool takes advantage of micro-moments and uses that split second to ask for an email address to increase your reach with a customer who has shown interest.
  • 100% Delivery Rate. No ad blocking here. When you use this tool you messages will make it through, every time.
  • Works on Android Phones. While these notifications are made specially for desktop, you can still use this software to send notifications to customers who use Android devices.
The list of features doesn’t end here, but you get the idea.
Take Advantage Of Push Notifications Today
There are a lot of push notification tools out there, but I’m confident that PushConnectNotify is that one you’ll fall in the love with.
Our easy-to-use cloud based system works on any website you own and the setup only takes minutes! Get PushConnectNotify today.


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