Thursday, 6 April 2017

Aweber VS Getresponse Review: Best Autoresponder Comparison

An autoresponder is one of the most useful email marketing tools that online businesses today must use. It is basically a database that you use to start an email list, store all your emails and then systematically or sequentially email them in broadcasts or one at a time. There are many companies providing autoresponders with varying features and capabilities, but here we are going to compare and contrast Aweber Vs Getresponse because these have proved to offer the best value over time. 

Let’s start by looking into the pricing of each of the autoresponders. For GetResponse, you have a free trail of 30 days as long as your contacts are less than 250. No credit card is required for this free trial while you can take advantage of it and even use any of its advanced features. After the trail, you can start with the basic plan that costs $15 per month for not more than 1,000 subscribers. The next plan after this, which is also the most popular plan, starts at $25 per month with a limit of 2,500 subscribers. This plan provides great value and meets the needs of most small online businesses, but should your business outgrow it there are also other plans to upgrade to. For Aweber, you have to pay $1 for the 30-day trail before you consider upgrading to its plans. Its basic plan starts at $19 per month and is capped at 500 subscribers. After hitting that number of subscribers, the next Aweber plan is priced at $29 per month with a limit of 2,500 subscribers. There are also other plans you can upgrade to if you have even more subscribers in your email list. 

Although both Aweber and GetResponse have great features, capabilities and great support, it easy to see that with GetResponse you start with the best priced plans and a higher limit of subscribers. That’s great value for any small business that wants to start building an email list and upgrade with a reasonable number of subscribers. Any of these autoresponders have very user-friendly and intuitive features while their prices have stayed much the same for years now. With the comparisons made so far for these two email marketing services, if you are looking for the best value then you will most probably opt for GetResponse. That will allow you to enjoy deeper capabilities to accomplish the most of your email marketing tasks.

One of the best capabilities you get with GetResponse is the segmentation of subscribers and easily setting up autoresponders. Segmentation is based on the actions of subscribers and allows you to set up autoresponders, so that you can broadcast customized sales messages. Another awesome feature in getresponse is the ability to create a customized page when you need it. You will need to only drag and drop, so no HTML knowledge is necessary with it. That means you will be able to do split testing yourself until you achieve the results you want with your landing page. It saves your valuable time and money whichever way you look at it. So the features and capabilities that GetResponse offers are really comprehensive and you will definitely like it the best. Start with the free trial to see how it will best boost your email marketing efforts.

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