Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why power blogging is the next big thing

Blogs have been around for 20 years.
As the internet exploded in the 1990s, blogs emerged near the end of that decade as an online platform for personal and professional expression.
Today blogs are considered one of the most effective vehicles for driving personal, professional and organizational influence online.
Many of the world’s most successful professionals, consultants and business leaders take full advantage of blogging as a core plank of their communications and marketing strategies.
There are millions of blogs across the internet today spanning almost every imaginable topic. Some sources estimate there close to 170 million blogs in use.
The other interesting fact is that most blogs fail to gain significant traction or attract a growing online audience.
Within this universe of successful and non-successful blogs, a new type of blogger has emerged: the power blogger.
This new breed of blogger is using blogging as a way to stay way ahead of the pack by creating a dynamic digital presence for themselves that gives them enormous online influence.
They are using their blogs to shape online conversations, build powerful relationships, and distinguish their personal and business brands.
Here’s why power blogging is a next big thing:

1, Breaking Through is Crucial
The market and appetite for highly useful online information is gigantic and growing every day, and power bloggers understand this. They know how important it is to break through and distinguish their content in today’s insanely crowded online world.

2, Social Media Accounts Aren’t Enough Anymore
Power bloggers understand that social media accounts aren’t enough anymore, in and of themselves, to drive a highly influential online presence. A quality blog provides ownership of an online hub for meaty content that goes beyond the boundaries of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

3, Quality Blogs are Increasingly Distinguished From all the Others
There is becoming a big distinction online between quality blogs and the millions of also-ran blogs. Lists of what are considered the best blogs in various fields and industries are published and updated online regularly.

The 10 Habits of a Power Blogger
Here are the 10 habits of power bloggers:

1, They are Extremely Disciplined
No matter how busy they are, power bloggers post fresh, interesting content continuously – every single day if possible. They are always on the look out for something new to write about, report on, or post in order to entice their audiences.

2, They are Subject-Matter Experts
Power bloggers know their subject areas and their blogging niches intimately. They are specialists in their fields, and they never stop building on their expertise. They stay on top of what other bloggers in their niches are posting, and they strive to be pioneers and innovators in terms of the content, ideas and opinions they post.

3, They Promote, Promote and Promote Their Content
Power bloggers spend more time promoting their blog content than actually creating the content itself. They understand that creating and posting quality content is just the beginning.
They continuously grow their social media communities as important audiences for their content, and they leverage innovative online platforms like Viral Content Bee to get their posts shared repeatedly throughout the social media world.

4, They Hate Boring Headlines
Power bloggers know how to create irresistible headlines that capture the attention of online audiences. In fact power bloggers devote a great deal of time to crafting the type of power headlines that will grab the eyes of online viewers and draw them into their content.

5, They Are Ruthlessly Succinct
Power bloggers understand the ridiculously short attention spans of today’s online audiences. They create meaty, compelling content but are always ruthlessly succinct in what they post. They know the easiest way to lose an online audience is by expecting them to wade through mazes of wordy copy and complex graphics that are hard to understand.

6, They Source and Create Arresting Visuals
Power bloggers understand how visual the online world has become. They devote as much time to sourcing and creating compelling photos, images and videos to accompany their copy, as they do to writing their words.

7, They Guest Blog
There are vast numbers of blogs online that welcome posts from guest bloggers. Power bloggers take full advantage of this because it not only builds up their thought leadership, but it allows them to introduce viewers of other popular blogs to their own blog and gain some of that audience share.

8, They Recycle Their Content Strategically
The days of publishing something once and hoping for a large audience are over. With the speed of the internet, in order for content to be seen, it needs to be posted several times on different social media platforms. Power bloggers understand this and will often repost and redistribute their previous content from months and even years ago if it is still useful and relevant to their audiences.

9, They Are Obsessive About Adopting Best Practices
Power bloggers understand that they are never done and that a strong blog should be dynamic and constantly improving. They are always exploring other blogs online to see what works and what doesn’t. When they find a new format or topic area that is wildly popular, they will figure out how to integrate it as best practices into their own blog.

10, They Provide Unwavering Value to Their Viewers

Above all, power bloggers understand what their end-game is: to provide high value to their viewers online. The most popular blogs are those that provide endless posts of useful information that teaches, informs, and inspires. Power bloggers make visitors feel that time looking at their blog was time very well spent.


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