Sunday, 8 January 2017

How to Make Money on Twitter

Regardless of whether you own a business or not, have a website or not or have a product to sell or not, it’s never been easier to make money with Twitter.

There are direct ways to make money with Twitter, which include promoting products through tweets and get paid to tweet to endorse products and services. And, there are indirect ways, which include building a mailing list to then profit from email marketing or by using the network as a traffic generation tool, sending followers to different places on the web.

Get paid to tweet is probably the most popular method of monetizing your Twitter account. The good news is, you don’t necessarily need to be a celebrity to endorse products and services. 
Platforms such as and allow you to connect with advertisers so you can get paid to tweet. 

How many followers you have, what industry you’re in and how engaged your audience is, will dictate how much you can get paid to tweet. Once your account is listed on these platforms, simply wait for offers to come through from advertisers. 

Another direct method to make money with Twitter even if you don’t currently have a business or products of your own to sell, is by becoming an affiliate marketer. 

Affiliate marketing involves selling other people’s products for a commission. 

Popular platforms such as allow you to sign up for free as an affiliate and choose among thousands of different products in different markets (such as health, sports, travel, self help, etc…) the ones you wish to promote. 

Once you have selected the products to promote as an affiliate, generate your affiliate link and simply publish a tweet which includes your link. You’ll be able to track your sales by logging into your clickbank account. 

The key to success with this method, is closely monitoring which products convert into sales and which ones don’t so you can start focusing just on what works. You’ll have to make sure you don’t over promote affiliate links using this method, as your account can quickly raise flags and potentially get suspended. 
Concerning the indirect ways to make money from Twitter, list building is among the most effective. 

To capture people’s names and emails to then run email marketing campaigns, you will need a free offer to incentivize users to submit their details, an autoresponder system (such as or and set up a Twitter card. 

A twitter card looks like a tweet with an image and call to action. The only difference, is that when people click on the call to action, their email and name will be automatically saved to your autoresponder system. 

A Twitter card can be set up through Twitter’s advertising network. Simply go to and set up your Twitter card. 
Lastly, the other indirect way to make money from Twitter is by using the social network as a traffic generation tool. 

By including the link of your websites in your tweets, in your images, in your banner and in your bio, Twitter can soon become a good source of traffic. 

You can also boost traffic by engaging in conversations on Twitter and mentioning your website when appropriate. To look for specific conversations and join them, use Twitter’s advanced search feature. 

This feature will allow you to insert your selection criteria for the conversations you are after, and even the location of the people having these conversations. 
Plus, if you generate enough traffic to your website, you can get paid by advertisers to market their products and services on your website. 

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