Wednesday, 11 January 2017

How to Pin a Tweet

What is a pinned Tweet? In this video we share step by step How to Pin a Tweet on Twitter. 

A Pinned Tweet is the very first Tweet in your Twitter Profile and you can set whatever Tweet you've shared previously to show up on top as the very first Tweet. 

Knowing how to pin a Tweet is so important. It's a very effective Twitter Marketing strategy that drives consistent traffic to either your blog, website, YouTube videos, Podcast or wherever you want to send a Twitter Follower. 

Pinned Tweets are the most clicked Tweets you'll have and what we've learned here at Social Quant after connecting close to 10,000,000 people on Twitter is that when you follow someone on Twitter that they come back and look at your Twitter profile before clicking Follow. 

It's at that time that you have the opportunity to control the very first Tweet they see by Pinning a Tweet. If you know the types of followers you want and share a very good Tweet that connects with them, you have a very high chance they'll click that Tweet. That's why knowing How to Pin a Tweet is so important. 

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