Thursday, 21 September 2017

100 High-Quality Blogs to Look to for Inspiration in 2017

As a blogger, do you ever feel like you’re out there on your own? I know we don’t all conform to the typical stay-in-your-pjs, never-leave-the-house, social-introvert, I-like-to-work-by-myself mold that we’re often put into. But even still, blogging can feel isolating at times.
If you’re at the beginning of your blogging journey, you most likely are working on your own because you can’t afford to hire a team or rent a space to work from. Your non-blogger friends and family have a hard time understanding how you make a living, and you might not even have many blogger friends to look to for advice and inspiration.
The good news is, you don’t have to look far.

Keeping up with your fellow bloggers

The people in the blogging industry are a curious group. As a blogger, you need to be a dedicated self-starter with relentless passion for your topic. Of all the entrepreneurial circles you could come across, you’d be hardpressed to find the same kind of single-minded ambition spanning such a broad range of topics.
With all the industries, sub-industries, and completely niched-down topics blogs can cover, it’s almost impossible to ever have a solid grasp of what’s happening in the blog-o-sphere. The Internet is so alive with blogs that just keeping up with bloggers in your specific industry can be difficult. If that’s true, I think it’s safe to say you also might not have time to take a peek into how other industries that are blogging either– something you should definitely take the time to do.
Keeping up with blogs outside your niche will help you stay fresh in your writing, your blog topics, and creativity. No matter what your core topic is, browsing blogs from all industries is a great way to stay up-to-date with trends, news, and new ideas in the blogging community.
More than anything, it’s important to have other bloggers you look up to. These are people who set the bar for the quality of work you hope to produce, the level of insight you hope to provide your readers, or the amount of time and research you’d like to put into each post you publish.  
We all have things to learn and teach each other whether it’s a fresh way to pitch a course, a new app that’s changing your daily work flow, or even picking up a dinner recipe to try out. Look no further than the bloggers around you for inspiration. After all, we’re all in this together, right?

100 Bloggers to We Love to Follow

In case you fall in that camp of never having time to explore the great expanse of blogs, I’ve pulled together a list of some of the blogs inspiring us here at ConvertKit right now.
There were no special requirements, conditions, or applications to get on this list. It’s simply a compilation of blogs we admire. I’ve broken it down into industries so you can browse through your kindred bloggers and hopefully find some new favorites to follow!
(Fun fact, many of our own customers made the list! You can tell who’s a ConvertKit-er by the *** with their web address.)


Made Vibrant
Art to Self
Make Something

Beer, wine and cocktails

The Hop Review


Where is Baer


Jenny Blake
The Cooper Review
Nir and Far  
Life After College

DIY & Crafts

The Artful Parent ***
Oh, Happy Day!
Paper and Stitch


Dave Stuart Jr ***


In the Frow
Effortless Gent ***
Andy Heart


Black Girls Run
Nerd Fitness
Daily Burn


Minimalist Baker ***
Naturally Ella
The Modern Proper
Husbands that Cook
Spoon Fork Bacon


The Nu School  
iPad Calligraphy •••
Smashing Magazine
Emily Henderson

Interior design

The Vintage Rug Shop
Amber Interiors

Home improvement

Ana White
Apartment Therapy
Ugly Duckling House


James Clear ***
Laura Roeder
Abernathy Magazine


A Cup of Jo
Design for Mankind
Design Love Fest
Just a Girl and Her Blog ***


Elle & Co ***
Seth Godin
Social Media Examiner


Speak Your Silence
Wipe Every Tear

Online business

Helene in Between ***
Money Lab
Smart Passive Income  ***
Sean Wes
by Regina ***
Marie Forleo
Michael Hyatt
My Wife Quit Her Job ***

Outdoor and adventure

Dirtbag Diaries
Adventure Journal
Trail to Peak
National Geographic


Rage Against the Minivan
Design Mom

Personal development

Amber Rae
Tim Ferris
Zen Habits ***
Live Your Legend

Personal finance

Making Sense of Cents
Mr Money Mustache
The College Investor ***


Jenna Kutcher
Click it Up a Notch ***

Real estate



Outkick the Coverage
A Football Report


The Blonde Abroad
Ordinary Traveler
Runaway Juno
Oneika the Traveller


Nutrition Stripped ***
Wellness Mama ***
Chris Kresser
Becoming Minimalist ***


Brain Pickings
Jenna Arak
Steven Pressfield


Leftcoast Media House ***
Noam Kroll
Wes Wages ***


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