Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Launch your business the right way - in 30 days

Did you have a chance to think about making a commitment to start a true online business by joining Launch an Online Business Masterclass that launches next week?
In case you need a reminder – this four-week class walks you through all the little details of starting an online business from scratch. On top of taking a deep dive into creating your mission, business model, website, launch, and initial audience, you’ll also have access to weekly live training every Friday.
These sessions taught by experts on the ConvertKit team will give you the chance to learn each topic more deeply than you can with any written or recorded lessons, and it also gives you face-to-face time for Q&A’s around anything you need help with (don’t underestimate the value of being able to ask questions!).
To further support your journey as you (finally!) take your business seriously and build it the right way, you’ll also be a part of a Facebook Community group with other students going through the masterclass. Accountability. Encouragement. Fellowship. It’s all there.

Launch an Online Business Masterclass starts October 2, and it’s completely free.

Think about that for a second. You’ve been around the Internet for more than a minute or two, so you know that learning resources usually come in two varieties:
  • Free - costs nothing but you get what you pay for: usually written, hard to determine credibility, DIY in nature (no live help)
  • Paid - (sometimes) higher quality, (sometimes) more credible, can come with some support (live or not)
I’m giving you a chance to have the all pros of both these, with none of the cons.
On top of it all, ConvertKit is including a 30-day trial of the best email marketing product for creators like you. Which will cost, you guessed it, nothing upfront.
Again, the masterclass kickoff is just a few days away, so take advantage of this no-brainer commitment to yourself and the future of your business today.

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