Monday, 5 June 2017

Email Marketing Services: The Deliverability Myth

Email Deliverability Myth Regarding the Email Marketing Services
I had enough.
Every time I review an email marketing service, there’s a smart guy who comments on that post like this:
You might pay less per month with another service, but how well does it deliver your mail? Do they get through the ISP barricades? Does the email land in a spam folder before it reaches the intended party?
Then they tell me that they use AWeber. Or GetResponse. Because the deliverability of the emails sent via these services is awesome.
It should be clear to all of us that there are good companies (usually AWeber and GetResponse) and bad or not so good companies (all the other companies). If you pay for the services of the good companies, the deliverability of your emails is guaranteed. You can live happily ever after.
I really had enough of this subtle crap some so called veterans (and other email marketing noobs) spread wherever they can …

1. AWeber. GetResponse. And Others. In My Spam Folder

Message sent via AWeber …
Aweber's email message landed in my spam folder
Message sent via GetResponse. By GetResponse! (Message sent to their affiliates on Dec 10, 2015)
GetResponse's email message landed in my spam folder
I can keep posting such screen captures here. They aren’t the only examples.
And there are more companies whose servers were used to send emails in my Gmail’s spam folder. Not only these two. iContact, MailChimpINinbox and others.

2. Are These Email Marketing Companies Lying to the Customers?

If you check these companies websites, you’ll see claims regarding a 99% deliverability. Or similar claims. Are they lying to their customers?
It’s easy to jump to such a conclusion. But it’s not fair. And not true.
These days any decent email marketing company has a deliverability team. And I’m sure that these teams work hard. But it’s not easy. And they aren’t Santa Claus, Superman or whatever hero some customers expect.

3. Why Are Some Email Messages Flagged by the Spam Filters?

Some email messages sent via these companies’ servers are flagged as spam. At the same time, I claim that these companies don’t lie in their deliverability claims.
It looks somehow confusing, doesn’t it? There’s a simple explanation though …
Almost all legit messages I got in my spam folder included one of these clarifications that you can also see in the screen captures posted above:
Why is this message in Spam? It’s similar to messages that were detected by our spam filters.
Why is this message in Spam? It contains content that’s typically used in spam messages.
What exactly do they mean? Let me give you a clue. I’ll show you an example …
Recently S.D. has launched an internet marketing product and he sent via AWeber more emails to his affiliates. Four of them landed in my spam folder though. Not the first four. Not the last four. In no particular order.
The same sender, the same email marketing company.
What was the difference? The text of the emails.

4. The Unpleasant Truth Regarding Email Deliverability

If you don’t know what you’re doing, veteran or not, GetResponse employee or not, the email marketing company you send your emails from … cannot always save your ass. Especially if you’re into a sensitive niche (examples: WAH, MMO).
If you include blacklisted domain names in emails or if you use a marketing language similar to spammers’ language, your emails will be routed to the spam folders. Irrespective of the amazing email marketing company you use.
In the end, here’s a tip:
Never ever choose your email marketing service based on the claims regarding the awesome deliverability posted here and there by all kind of “experts.”
Almost all modern services have a good deliverability. You’re the one who can ruin the deliverability of your emails.
P.S. If you want to have a good laugh, go to Warrior Forum. You’ll find marketers unhappy with AWeber’s deliverability that moved to GetResponse and marketers unhappy with GetResponse’s deliverability that moved to AWeber. Everyone is ready to swear that their open rates are better now :)

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