Tuesday, 12 December 2017

24 Days of Christmas – Email Campaign Idea

With the festive season imminently creeping up on us you should have all your Christmas marketing collateral planned. If not we have a handy, and fairly easy, idea that can be created quickly using Maxautomation.

Something that has become quite popular over the years is online advent calendars. These can be used by many industries including retail – offering discounts and gift ideas or others businesses simply offering resources and tips.

Here’s our quick guide to setting up a ‘24 Days of Christmas’ automated email marketing campaign within Maxautomation:

The overall workflow will be made up of emails and delays with a few decisions thrown in there but to begin with we’ll start with a list of subscribers who have signed up to your ‘24 Days’. You should aim to send these subscribers an email welcoming them and thanking them for signing up – this way they are reminded of what they can expect to receive from you over the coming weeks.

Christmas Advent - 1

The next item to add to the workflow would be a delay. As this is a Christmas advent calendar the first email should be sent on 1st December so, adding a delay until this date will ensure the email is sent on that specific date and at a time of your choice.

Christmas Advent - 2

This can then be followed by a ‘Day 1’ email and offer. The delays and emails can then be repeated for your whole advent calendar workflow.

Christmas Advent - 3

Some examples of offers you could be sending within your emails include:

Christmas Advent - 4

  • Free delivery
  • 2 for 1 offers
  • Discount deals
  • Free gift with purchase of another item
  • 3 for 2 offers

  • They can also include:
  • Free resources (download of guides, images, webinar etc.)
  • Links to useful content
  • Featured content
  • Tips and hints

  • As with many things in life, they are great to begin with but the novelty soon wears off and people become disengaged. A good way to ensure your subscribers are still interested is to add a decision into the workflow after a certain amount of days.

    We added ours in after 7 days and asked if the previous email had been opened. If ‘yes’ the user would continue to receive ‘Day 8’ email, if ‘no’ the user would be sent another email asking if they are finding the calendar useful and still wish to receive emails going forward. If they were to click they would then receive the ‘Day 8’ email and continue to receive daily offers. If there was no response they would be added to the ‘end’ of the workflow and would no longer receive emails of this nature going forward.

    The workflow can then continue again right the way up until Christmas.

    As this is an advent calendar, you should promote that users sign up before the 1st of December. This helps to increase engagement by creating a sense of urgency to sign up. On the first day of the calendar, I would suggest switching the form to sign subscribers up for a new workflow that offers a range of resources not in an advent calendar style.

    So there you go, a simple 24 Days of Christmas automated email marketing campaign set up in no time at all! Why not have a go for yourself by signing up for a free trial account of Maxautomation!

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